Deepwater Equipment and Operations Course

Participants of deepwater equipment and operations course gain a better understanding of equipment installed on Deepwater rigs and Operations when utilizing subsea stacks, from both a theoretical and a practical perspective.

Market Challenge
Standard IADC and IWCF Well Control certification courses do not focus specifically on all equipment and systems used in Well Control applications with subsea stacks.  Extensive knowledge and competency with equipment is not gained without further training such as our equipment and operations course.

Intertek’s Deepwater Equipment and Operations training course reviews and illustrates basic engineering, design, operating, and maintenance principles.  Hydraulic piloted control systems are thoroughly explained and the basics of Multiplex control systems are discussed. The Total Quality Assurance information has been proven to be invaluable to both rig worker and management in gaining a better understanding of Well Control equipment used in operations.

Course Length
5 Days

Learning Objectives
Participants are taught to understand the equipment and systems that provide well control safety on floating drilling rigs.  Examples from all major well control equipment manufacturers are included.  The course is focused on practical information that can be put to immediate use.  This provides a direct benefit to the drilling operation with lower downtime and increased rig time availability.

The basis of the seminar is knowledge gained from rig assessments.  The main topics addressed with each well control equipment component are:

  1. How it works using:
        a.    Cross sections
        b.    Animations, as appropriate
  2.  Proper inspections:
        a.    What to look for
        b.    What doesn’t work
        c.    How to fix it
  3.  Unexpected failures
  4.  Lessons learned

When specific equipment failures are discussed the solution is also provided.  It is more beneficial and less expensive to learn from the experience of others than to experience the failure in the field.

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals working in the drilling industry who are or will be involved in floating drilling operations and equipment as a user or as a member of a regulatory body
  • Rig and office staff working with drilling operations who need to understand drill through equipment installed on rigs utilizing subsea stacks
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