IWCF Rotary Drilling Well Control

Introductory, Driller and supervisory-level well control training designed for personnel involved in drilling operations conducted onshore and offshore

This course focuses on learning how to recognize, interpret and respond during well control situations.  The curriculum includes additional hands-on practical training, including case studies, problem-solving scenarios and learning laboratories, resulting in higher student engagement. Intertek’s IWCF Performance Well Control training course exceeds the traditional drilling well control curriculum by incorporating human factors, specifically the importance of situational awareness and decision making in well control.  The Total Quality Assurance course addresses holistic on-the-job performance, and is not just about learning formulas and performing calculations.  Each session encourages greater participant involvement and provides more collaborative learning opportunities than traditional classroom training.

Driller and supervisory-level well control training is provided for surface and subsea stack.

Course Locations
United States [Houston, TX - Lafayette, LA] - Mexico - Saudi Arabia - United Arab Emirates - Colombia - China

Knowledge/Skill Assessments
Written Tests (Principles and Procedures/Surface & Subsea Equipment
Practical Assessment
Simulator Exercises 

Course Duration
Level 2:  3 Days
Level 3 and Level 4:  5 Days 

Registration:   IWCF Rotary Drilling Well Control


IWCF Rotary Drilling Well Control course covers:

  • Well Control Equipment
  • Kill Sheet Information
  • Kicks while Drilling/Tripping
  • Shut in Procedures
  • Shut in Pressure Observation
  • Kill Handling Methods
  • Kill Problems
  • Well Control Management
  • Blowout Preventers Equipment/Subsea
  • BOP Control System Equipment/Subsea
  • Chokes and Manifolds Equipment/Subsea
  • Auxiliary Equipment
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