Case Study: Transportation Technologies

EV Centre of Excellence

What it is: As we accelerate at a rapid pace into a more sustainable future, the automotive industry has a critical role to play in the energy transition the world needs. Our new award-winning*, state- of-the-art Electric Vehicle Centre of Excellence, opened in November 2021 in Milton Keynes, UK, offers leading automotive manufacturers a unique technology, innovation and experience centre with industry-leading, end-to-end Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification ('ATIC') services that are purpose-built for the global transition to zero emission vehicles.

Customer benefit: Electric Vehicles offer huge opportunities as part of the ‘Green Revolution’ for jobs and growth, cleaner air, improved public health and enhanced mobility solutions. At our new facility, clients will be able to access world-class technical expertise, pioneering innovation and leading services in one location – meeting their increasing need for fast, bespoke, expert testing services and rapid results that will help them address the effects of climate change.

Providing industry-leading, end-to-end ATIC services that are purpose-built to support the global transition to zero emission vehicles.

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