Case Study: Total Sustainability Assurance

Total Sustainability Assurance

Our clients understand that they have to focus on operational and corporate sustainability matters, and they are asking us to deliver comprehensive solutions that address both aspects. With Intertek Total Sustainability Assurance, we deliver the independent end-to-end assurance our clients need on all aspects of their sustainability journey, helping them achieve sustainability excellence across all aspects of their business.

Intertek Total Sustainability Assurance is a holistic programme that leverages our footprint in more than 100 countries and covers all industries. Our teams of sustainability experts in every major region, whose expertise combines global and local perspectives, are committed to the thought leadership and innovation that set us apart in three distinctive sustainability assurance areas:

These are designed to help our customers achieve sustainability excellence in all parts of their operations, including across the supply chain. Our broad portfolio of industry-specific and industry-agnostic solutions is continuously evolving, and recent breakthrough innovations include CarbonClear™, CarbonZero™ and SourceClear™.

With this programme, we support our clients on all aspects of their ESG reporting journey and non-financial data needs. Support ranges from strategy setting to preparing reports and providing independent verification of sustainability disclosures and reporting. This allows our customers to communicate with total confidence with their stakeholders on all aspects of their ESG journey.

The world’s first independently verified corporate sustainability audit and certification programme is based on the 10 standards that we believe define a truly sustainable organisation from a company strategy and corporate governance perspective. They go beyond the criteria that are commonly looked at by ESG rating agencies to include other factors that stakeholders and investors should consider, including business resilience, risk appetite and enterprise security.

Delivering the independent end-to-end assurance our clients need./p>

Total Sustainability Assurance

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