Case Study: Inlight 2.0

Intertek Inlight

What it is: First launched in 2017, Intertek Inlight™ provides the technology and expertise which enables organisations to better understand their supply chain risks and protect their brand. With the integration of Intertek’s Wisetail solution, a dynamic online learning platform, Inlight 2.0 adds new and enhanced analytical improvement to its market-leading supply chain compliance solution, offering organisations enhanced analytics to meet the needs of the evolving complexity of the global supply chain, allowing for increased product advancements, adaptive planning and continual improvement. Inlight 2.0 alongside Wisetail allows organisations to make real-time supplier decisions and drive vendor training based on corrective action plan outputs.

Customer benefit: Inlight 2.0 is a cost-effective solution for global companies who require trusted information about the identities, capabilities and compliance of their supplier partners. Inlight 2.0 allows users more flexibility and customisation in their unique supply chain programmes, including live dashboards of their suppliers’ performance, trends, risks and opportunities, as well as training.

Providing validated business insights that enhance transparency, help manage supply chain risk and safeguard reputation."

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