Case Study: SourceClear

Case study

SourceClear™ visibility and traceability across the supply chain

Launched in 2020, SourceClear™ helps organisations of all sizes track sustainable material claims throughout all stages of trade and production in their supply chain.

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Intertek experts provide independent certification of facilities and materials claims and manage the end-to-end process for scope certificates and transaction certificates against Textile Exchange standards: Recycled Claim Standard (‘RCS’), Global Recycled Standard (‘GRS’) and Organic Content Standard (‘OCS’).

SourceClear™ enables transparency and assurance that organisations are taking proactive measures to be more sustainable through responsible sourcing of preferred raw materials that minimise environmental impacts, and promoting environmental and social good practices in the value chain.

Brands and retailers can confidently demonstrate sustainability commitments through independent certification of material claims and accurate labelling of products.

More and more companies are making purchasing decisions based on who they trust to address responsible sourcing issues. They are looking for reassurance as to how products are made, selection of preferred materials, and that’s what SourceClear™ gives them.
Simona RomanoschiBusiness Assurance Innovation VP
Simona Romanoschi
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