Team Development Training

Intertek's Team Development Training maximizes the talent inherent in your team.

It is critical that your organization be comprised of talented teams, rather than teams of talented individuals. Successful teams are at the heart of every successful organization. However, high performing teams do not just happen; they require development. Intertek’s personalized Total Quality Assurance approach to team development can help your teams achieve and sustain greatness.

Some groups of outstanding individuals never seem to find their combined talent. Plagued by arguments and complaints, they consistently under perform, missing targets and deadlines. Intertek takes a personalized approach to team development. We truly listen to your needs then work with you to clearly identify issues and develop solutions that are effective in your operating environment. We see team development as a process as opposed to a single event. Our process is designed to create greater commitment from team members by focusing on the key areas of:

  • Aligning values and beliefs, mission, vision, and plans of the organization
  • Recognizing and valuing diversity and strengths of team members
  • Creating a preparedness to work within ground rules
  • Developing the practice of continual learning, appreciating the role of change in creating a team that exhibits ongoing performance improvement
  • Creating efficiency in the utilization of skills
  • Establishing leadership of and within the team 

Intertek's Team Development Training results in observable changes to individual and team behavior, increased understanding of the business, and enhanced productivity and financial improvement.


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