Safety Management System Competence

Intertek's Safety Management System Competence Program leads to reliable and consistent delivery of your organization's safety processes and systems.

Organizations establish Safety Management Systems to achieve zero incidents. Effectively implementing your organization’s SMS is:

  • Important to your clients ensuring consistent, reliable performance in all worksites and regions
  • Important to your employees ensuring their ability to work successfully using consistent practices in varied worksites and regions, and with various managers
  • Important to your investors ensuring reliable sustainability and profitability throughout the organization’s diverse workforce, worksites, and business streams

Regardless of how detailed an organization’s safety policies and processes are, safety depends on each person implementing the procedures competently and consistently: every time on every task. Intertek’s Safety Management System Competence Total Quality Assurance workshops help organizations:

  • Build their managers’ and supervisors’ commitment to ensuring 100% of their people implement 100% of their procedures 100% of the time
  • Improve effective and consistent use of safe work process
  • Reinforce safety tools and safety systems
  • Clearly and consistently communicate safety and operational standards and expectations

Our customized Safety Management System Competence Program provides frontline supervisors and crewmembers the tools, skills, and information required to ensure consistency across all of your worksites.  Consistent, competent safe work processes demonstrate an organization’s commitment to and ability to build a safe and productive workplace.

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