Safety Culture Assessment

Intertek's Safety Culture Assessment (SCA) provides a comprehensive snapshot of your organization's safety culture based on quantitative and qualitative data.

A productive and safe workplace requires interdependent systems working well together. Intertek’s Safety Culture Assessment is a valuable, cost-effective Total Quality Assurance tool for answering the safety challenges you face.

SCA answers questions, such as:

  • We have made good progress on our safety culture. How can we keep the momentum going?
  • We implemented new safety programs; but people’s behaviors stayed the same. Why?
  • Our lead and lag indicators are being impacted by the acquisition. What can we do?

The SCA is a systematic process for identifying and assessing a safety culture through a variety of methodologies and targeted indicators.

  • Safety leadership, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Utilization of safety tools
  • Strategy and commitment
  • Feedback mechanisms and utilization
  • Barriers to safety
  • Safety incentives and disincentives

Through extensive quantitative and qualitative data analysis, Intertek consultants provide recommendations to close identified gaps and support continuous improvement.


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