Safety Coaching

Intertek's Safety Coaching process expands your leaders' ability to effectively coach, guide and mentor safe and productive work outcomes.

Ensuring leaders have opportunities to coach, guide and mentor their teammates to work safely and lead safety is critical. This is especially true of new leaders as they could significantly benefit from further on-the-job development in these important skills. Establishing a succession of capable leaders to direct your organization into the future is a key trademark of successful companies.

Safety Coaching involves our experienced consultants working with supervisors and team leaders on-site to coach, guide and mentor them in effective leadership. Our consultants develop the knowledge, skills and confidence of leaders to lead safety in the workplace. Choose us to develop a customized safety coaching Total Quality Assurance process for your organization, focusing on:


  • Understanding drivers of behavior 
  • Understanding individual differences 
  • Identifying development levels 
  • Coaching according to development levels 
  • Improving communication skills 
  • Expanding conflict management and negotiation skills 
  • Building high performing teams 
  • Awareness of multi-cultural workforce




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