Through the use of Intertek's dynamic hazard awareness tool, your employees gain the skills and competencies needed to effectively identify and manage common work-site hazards.

HazIQ hazard Wheel

Regardless of how obvious work-site hazards may seem, they are actually less understood than most would think. Intertek Consulting & Training’s HazIQ: Hazard Awareness Total Quality Assurance workshops help organizations:

  • Gain the ability to identify where hazards exist 
  • Become aware of situations that can increase risk during the job
  • Effectively manage risks and behaviors to lead to a safe and productive work environment


  • Discuss and practice using hazard identification techniques at your worksite
  • Increase your awareness of and your competence in identifying hazards both before the job and during the job as conditions change
  • Practice using a new tool for hazard identification
  • Enhance your ability to use the tool for effective risk assessment

The HazIQ program is available as ½ day Train-the-Trainer and 2 day full immersion program, and the kit can easily be used as a worksite coaching tool.

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