PREDICT: Dynamic Risk Assessment

Intertek's Dynamic Risk Assessment Tool, PREDICT, addresses behavior issues to improve recognition and control of hazardous situations.

The PREDICT program will develop a management team and workforce that is able to continuously look for hazards, assess and manage risk, and recognize and handle situational changes. The workshop helps organizations:

• Accept your role in ensuring the safety of everyone
• Increase your awareness of and your competence in identifying hazards

The PREDICT Dynamic Risk Assessment Total Quality Assurance program is based on the below model:
Plan ahead
Recognize change
Expand vision
Discuss dangers
Identify signals
Consider consequences
Think through

The program can be extended by combining it with Intertek’s HazIQ: Hazard Awareness program, which assists participants in identification and competence in recognizing and addressing common hazards.

Each PREDICT: Dynamic Risk Assessment workshop is customized to the client’s specific needs.
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