High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Training

Intertek's High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Training helps improve drilling performance under difficult conditions.

High pressure, high temperature (HPHT) conditions present a drill crew with unique well control challenges. Intertek's HPHT course introduces HPHT operations to the rig team, highlighting the concerns and challenges specific to HPHT drilling and well control. Emphasizing practical HPHT drilling performance, this course is designed for drilling engineers, company men, supervisors, toolpushers, drillers, assistant drillers, derrickmen, and technical managers responsible for improving drilling performance at the rig site.

The HPHT Total Quality Assurance course is typically customized for a particular operator, drilling rig, and well. Therefore, this one/two-day session becomes an excellent forum for the rig and office-based teams to discuss site-specific HPHT concerns and policies.

Course Duration
1 or 2 Days


High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) course covers:

  • Well Overview - Geology& Drilling
  • Overview of HPHT Histories/Practices
  • Abnormal Pressure Sources
  • Under-compaction
  • Trapped Fluid Expansion/Compression
  • Pore Pressure
  • Porosity/Permeability
  • Effects of Overburden on Fracture Gradients
  • Tripping Practices in Deep High Pressure Wells
  • Tripping Core Barrels in HPHT Wells
  • Review of Gas, Temperature and Compression Laws
  • Gas in Oil Based Muds, Kick Detection Problems (Bubble Point Prediction)

  • Gas Migration Dynamics
  • Wellbore Fluid Storage and Recovery
  • Evaluating Shut in Drill Pipe and Casing Pressures
  • Bleeding Methods for Trapped Pressure, Segregated and Diffused Gas Kicks HPHT Considerations
  • Action Plans for Well Control Equipment
  • Auxilliary Kill Methods/Procedures
  • Well Control Procedures Action Plan
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