Hand Injury Prevention Training: High 5

Intertek’s Hand Injury Prevention Training, High 5, helps prevent work-related hand injuries.

Each year, more than 16 million people receive emergency care for work-related hand injuries, costing companies over $300 million in lost productivity and medical expenses, plus pain and suffering for employees and their families. Intertek's Hand Injury Prevention Training, High 5, helps prevent these unnecessary hardships.

High 5 is based on real-world situations because it is designed to be facilitated by your supervisors and can be incorporated into a routine crew meeting. The two-hour hand injury prevention Total Quality Assurance session focuses on at-risk behaviors leading to hand injuries and introduces simple tools and techniques to eliminate hand injuries. High 5 enhances any safety culture by changing attitudes regarding hand-use and creating an understanding of the value of an incident-free workplace.

High 5 helps prevent hand injuries by:

  • Increasing awareness by experiencing what it might be like to live with a hand injury
  • Recognizing at-risk behaviors that lead to preventable hand and finger injuries
  • Using the appropriate tools to provide feedback to others when their behaviors impact hand an finger safety

Through appropriate guidance and support, crew members learn the value of creating an environment where people watch out for each other in order for everyone to go home safely


  • “I was a participant along with the rig crews in the High 5 Safety Program. This program connected the rig hand’s degree of commitment and safety culture to his workplace, as well as at home, and showed the ultimate results from several viewpoints: his (personal), his family, his crew.” HSE Specialist, Drilling
  • “The campaign itself is a great tool: Easy to use, easy to train people, easy to ‘advertise’.” Floorhand
  • “We want to capture this as a Best Practice, which, if accepted, will be widely distributed within our operating groups for considerations in their operations.” HSE supervisor
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