Drilling Optimization Training

Through our cutting edge techniques and effective instructors, Intertek's Drilling Optimization Training can improve your organization's drilling performance.

Non-productive drilling time is costly. Intertek's Drilling Optimization Training, Drilling Practices, focuses on the latest drilling technologies and trends to provide forward-looking curriculum to our clients. Emphasizing practical drilling performance, this five-day course is designed for drilling engineers, company men, supervisors, toolpushers, drillers, and technical managers responsible for improving drilling performance at the rig site.

Our Total Quality Assurance approach provides a thorough understanding of the “big drilling picture” by discussing proven field drilling practices centered around “listening” to the hole and recognizing and interpreting trends. Therefore, our Drilling Practices course focuses on learning to recognize the signals when the well is “talking to you” before downtime occurs. Participants also learn what immediate steps should be taken to minimize the economic effects of when these unscheduled events do occur.

Participants have the opportunity to apply concepts and develop real-world practical solutions, such as:

  • Designing a drillstring for given well site parameters and drillstring inventory
  • Developing a drilling fluid and hydraulics program
  • Examining specific solids control and drilling trends for the well site
  • Utilizing kill sheets to determine appropriate kill methods
  • Applying stuck pipe freeing worksheet to determine causes and action
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