Basic Drilling Overview Training

From administrative staff to the first time oilfield employee, Intertek's Basic Drilling Overview course provides non-drilling personnel with the knowledge required for effective teamwork and communication with their drilling colleagues.

Millions of people who support oil and gas operations hear concepts and terminology daily that they may not understand completely. In this industry, miscommunication can be costly. Intertek’s Basic Drilling Overview course can help you manage that risk by providing your support team an understanding of procedures used to drill a well. Our Basic Drilling Overview course provides new employees, office personnel, and anyone associated with drilling, but not involved in it day-to-day, with a thorough Total Quality Assurance understanding of oil and gas operations and why an operation or method is necessary.

Participants learn oil and gas terminology and how to identify rigs and their major components. They also explore basic geological principles and leave with an understanding of the complexity and risks involved in drilling for oil and gas.

Course Duration
3 Days

Course Location
Houston, TX - Jackson, MS -  Lafayette, LA


Basic Drilling Overview course covers:

  • Oil and Gas Development
  • Formations, Rock Pressure, Fluid Traps
  • Fundamentals of Petroleum
  • Exploration
  • Drilling Contracts
  • Rig on Location
  • Types of Drilling Rigs
  • Drilling a Well - Development
  • Types of Wells
  • Rig Components
  • Rotating System
  • Circulating System
  • Drill Bits
  • Drilling Fluids - Mud Properties
  • Rig Personnel
  • Oilfield Terms
  • Explorations Drilling
  • Selecting a Location -  Rig Selection

  • Drilling from Bottom Supported Rigs and Semi-Submersibles (Casing and Cementing)
  •  Formation Evaluation
  • Abandonment of Wells
  • Directional/ERD/Horizontal Wells
  • Shallow Water Development
  • Deep Water Development
  • Problems Encountered while Drilling
  • Blowouts
  • Completion and Production
  • Completion Operations
  • Deepwater Completions
  • Production and Workover
  • Production Operations
  • Workover Operation
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