Safe Operations & Performance Consulting & Training

Intertek works with clients to deliver value-added solutions to deliver safe operations and performance.

Our clients include some of the world’s largest businesses, particularly within the Energy and Mining Industries. We deliver best in class Oil and Gas Technical Training Total Quality Assurance solutions focused on oil and gas drilling clients to provide competence assurance, improved technical skills and operational excellence.

Safe Operations Performance Training

Our Safe Operations & Performance (SOP) consulting methodology ensures your organization's consistency in how work is performed and delivered, as well as skills and competence development. What differentiates us from our competitors is the ability of our consultants to apply SOP and their robust functional and industry experience to any safety problem: from culture and leadership issues, to technical well control skills. SOP is a holistic framework, comprised of 5 indicators:

  • People - How well an organisation selects people whose behaviors and attitudes promote the expected level(s) of performance, and support development of a safe and productive workplace and ensure that new recruits and third party service providers are fully inducted and oriented into their workplace.
  • Culture - How effectively the organization’s leaders and teams communicate, promote and live by the organisation’s vision, values and beliefs.
  • Processes - The extent to which the processes within an organisation are designed and deployed to support and enable people to perform at the desired level(s) of performance, and work effectively, efficiently and safely.
  • Delivery - How effectively leaders in an organisation plan and schedule the work and take action to ensure that each task is fully resourced in a timely manner with competent and committed people and with plant, equipment and materials that are fit for purpose to enable the work to be completed to schedule without compromising the organisations HSE vision and values
  • Sustainability - The extents to which leaders take the opportunity to learn from successes as well as mistakes made, and are prepared to engage and reward people for participating in processes designed to monitor, assess, and improve work practices and behaviors.

Our consultants utilize a series of diagnostic tools to determine your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. Then we apply our holistic framework and integrated services to work with you to develop customized solutions that improve operational performance, reduce costs, and save lives. 


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