Electrical Equipment: Health and Environmental Solutions (HERS) Webinar Series

Manufacturers and retailers must monitor materials, products, production processes, and logistic channels to fulfill compliance obligations. Intertek’s health, environmental and regulatory services address the base of the supply chain where chemicals and raw materials are being produced and incorporated into products.

Intertek’s latest webinar series addresses the stringent chemical and environmental regulations governing the manufacturing of components and products, providing you with confidence that your products meet the required safety and quality standards.


Recorded Feb 5, 2019

The demand is intensifying for services that extend beyond quality and compliance, to those that deliver sustainable solutions for the future. This webinar discusses global sustainability trends that shape the electrical equipment industry. From design concept to End-of-Life (EOL) management, our sustainability experts will discuss the latest solutions and how they will impact your business. Attendees will gain a better understanding of methods to improve emissions (VOC and GHG); alternative materials; life cycle assessment; global Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) and battery requirements; reporting and verification for organizations; and environmental claims and certifications; plus much more. If you are interested in keeping ahead of their emerging sustainability requirements, don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn from the experts.


Recorded Feb 20, 2019

Consumers and manufacturers are working hard to influence and transform electrical equipment manufacturing into a more environmentally friendly industry. It is important for companies to have a well-defined end-of-life (EOL) strategy for equipment and the various components. Recycling is often an EOL option; however, there are many challenges and questions that need to be addressed. This webinar will provide guidance on how to comply with regulatory requirements, analyze and justify variables in recyclability, and improve overall recyclability, including discussion on disassembly, claims, and WEEE.


Recorded March 6, 2019

Proposition 65 has gone through some significant changes which are driving retailers and distributors to push back on the supply chain. This webinar will discuss the most recent changes, as well discuss the practical approach to addressing the 850+ substances that are currently listed. You will come away from this webinar with a strong grasp on what it actually means to be “compliant” with Proposition 65 and how to go about it.


Recorded March 20, 2019

Although the Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals requirements has been in effect for a number of years, it’s still not entirely clear what the expectations are for manufacturers in the supply chain. The act itself really only pertains to US publicly-traded organizations, but it’s reach is far broader. The publicly traded organizations’ supply chains are directly affected, and often have most of the heavy lifting. With the expectations of the supply chain communication to go back to the smelter / refiner level, it can be a daunting task for a product manufacturer. You will come away from this webinar with a general understanding of the act and what the expectations are of the supply chain to support compliance activities.


Recorded April 3, 2019

Expanding global chemical regulation implementation, including new data requirements and scrutiny, is impacting the availability of new technology for electrical products. There are expanding global initiatives to assess chemicals already in the marketplace, including increased reporting requirements for importers of both chemicals and finished electrical products. Throughout all compliance activities, it is critical that companies request and substantiate claims to protect their confidential business Information (CBI). You will come away from this webinar with an understanding of the basic elements of chemicals management programs around the world and an awareness for the compliance concepts that will allow for global market access.


Recorded April 17, 2019

The requirements for hazard communication, or Hazcom, in our global economy are complex and confusing. While Hazcom requirements are similar from country to country, each jurisdiction has its own nuances when it comes to Safety Data Sheets (SDS), product labels, and the protection of confidential business information (CBI). It is important to understand the various strategies and processes to protect trade secrets. For example, many companies receive requests for SDS for items such as articles, though articles are typically exempt from SDS regulations. All of this makes it challenging for a company to be compliant in a global marketplace. This webinar will help you gain an understanding of the basic elements of Hazcom and introduce the nuances of jurisdictional implementation.


Recorded May 1, 2019

Now that electrical equipment manufacturers are getting comfortable with the EU RoHS Directive being under the CE Mark requirements, they will need to consider how four new phthalates will play into the mix. July 2019 officially marks the addition of new substances under this Directive and companies need to be prepared as it will offer an easy target for enforcement agencies. In this webinar we will provide an overview of the EN50581 requirements (what you need in your CE file for RoHS) as well as what the addition of phthalates means to manufacturers and where they should be concerned. We will also talk about some strategies that should be implemented to ensure you can meet your timelines for July 2019.



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