Webinar Series: Practical Application of Sustainability in Manufacturing – Construction and the Built Environment

We are hosting a webinar series describing practical applications of sustainability in manufacturing. Feel free to browse the list below for the topics and to register for one or all of the webinars.


Responsible and Ethical Sourcing Standards for Products: Examples of case studies where certification supports business added value

Recorded: October 22, 2019

How best to incorporate requirements of various reporting and certification standards is a challenge for manufacturing companies.

Our team has been working with global organisation as well as SMEs to advice how best to add business value by embedding requirements for sustainability including BES 6001, EPDs, Ethical supplier code, Eco-Reinforcement, Modern Slavery Act requirement, and so on. These methods and tools enable manufacturers to demonstrate responsible sourcing with a robust evidence thanks to certification and auditing structure that utilises a variety of elements from company’s commitment to implementing sustainability in their operation, their management of supply chains, and their application and review of environmental and social impacts such as Life Cycle Assessment, water use, transport impacts, employment and skills investment, and local communities engagement. 

In this webinar our expert will be identifying business added value for organisations that can demonstrate their sustainability activities with practical examples of using standards and certification to improve performance and progress on the journey of continuous improvement. 



Responsible and Ethical Sourcing in Construction: Collaboration in supply chains in practical terms (steel sector)

Recorded November 14, 2019

In the building and construction industry, companies are under constant pressure to ensure their products and promotions are delivered not only on time, to budget, and with great return – but also to global ethical commitments with a considerable spotlight on integrity and standards. Certain product categories have achievable accreditation levels associated with them.  It is important to understand how to identify these suppliers and what a valid accreditation or certification represents.  The golden rule of supply chain ethics is ultimately ‘know your suppliers’. When it comes to improvements, often the greatest impact can be attained through the collaboration and management of natural resources within the supply chain.  This webinar will discuss benefitting from peer pressure and partnering in a sector specific setting, collaboration in supply chains, gaining measurable cost savings as well as continuous improvement in performance across various sectors and bringing together transparency in responsible sourcing.  



Circular Economy: Closing the Loop…standards role in R&D and innovation 

Recorded January 16, 2020

The Circular Economy is increasingly replacing (or still being used synonymously) with waste and resources management. In the framework of innovating linear business activities into circular adaptations, can standards help or do they hinder development? What is a useful guidance and what is a formalised structure that precludes invention? This webinar will discuss practical case studies of businesses that made the leap and closed the loop. Register for our complimentary webinar to learn more!