Regulatory update for Saudi Arabia on classification and labeling

Exporting Cosmetics to Saudi? Important regulatory update on labeling and classification

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) recently updated their website with information regarding product classification


SFDA has published a classification guideline which is currently in the draft stage and is available on their website for public review and comments. We hope that the final version of the classification guideline will be released during the summer (guidelines are available here:

The classification is carried out based upon various aspects of the products including the following:

  • Labeling and claims
  • Function/Intended use
  • Product Composition/Ingredients

The same guidelines are followed by Intertek to determine whether or not products can be certified as cosmetics. In instances where there is doubt regarding the classification of a particular product, Intertek recommends that the classification of the product is clarified with SFDA prior to Intertek reviewing the products compliance .


We have received many queries regarding the marking/labeling requirements for cosmetics and perfumery products and we would like reconfirm the following: .

Importers Name:

The marking of this information is not yet mandatory. If it is decided to make this a mandatory requirement then a grace period will be given to exporters to comply .

Expiry Date

The expiry date marking is not required. According to the GSO 1943 standard for cosmetic safety, PAO or Best Before dates are mandatory subject to the shelf life of the products .

Country of Origin:

The country of origin marking is still a mandatory requirement for each product as per the MoCI Decree No. M/5.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the assessment of the product labeling is based on GSO 1943 and in conjunction with ISO 22715 standards and any additional relevant MoCI Decree.


For further information please contact your local Intertek office details of which can be found here.