Certificate of Conformity for Exports of Used Vehicles to Kurdistan

Exporters/Importers of Used Vehicles entering Kurdistan through the Haj Omran Border need to comply with the requirements of Kurdistan’s CBCA service.

Intertek has been appointed as the sole Certification Body authorised to issue Certificates of Conformity for Used Vehicles entering Kurdistan through the Haj Omran Border..

Kurdistan’s Consignment Based Conformity Assessment (CBCA) service verifies the conformity of regulated products including Used Vehicles in the respective exporting country.

The Programme focuses primarily on safety and quality standards giving Kurdistan consumers the assurance they need in the safety, road worthiness and history of the Used Vehicles they are purchasing.


What are the requirements of the CBCA programme for Used Vehicles to Kurdistan?

  • Every vehicle must be inspected and accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued by your local Intertek Country Office prior to export.
  • The Certificate of Conformity is required to ensure smooth Customs clearance of shipments in Kurdistan.


What is included in the inspection?

  • Intertek will carry out a pre export inspection on the vehicle to check roadworthiness and general condition, a diagnostics test and will also carry out documentary verification to check the vehicle history
  • Subject to passing the inspection we will then issue the Certificate of Conformity which confirms that the vehicle complies with the relevant Kurdistan technical regulations and approved standards and aids smoother Customs clearance
  • Failure to have a Certificate of Conformity can result in severe delays at the border or vehicles being returned to the country of export.


The Intertek Solution helping you export Used Vehicles to Kurdistan

  • Intertek has inspected and certified over 4 million new and used vehicles which have been exported worldwide
  • Intertek tests, inspects and certifies products and commodities around the world to various governmental, international and industry standards.

We have a dedicated team who specialize in Vehicle Inspections for Kurdistan. Contact them on our toll free number +971 8000 321115.




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