Exporting Ceramic Tiles to Kuwait - TIR Required From 18th July

Exports to Kuwait of Ceramic Tiles will require a Technical Inspection Report from 18th July

The Public Authority for Industry in Kuwait (PAI) has announced that from July 18, ceramic tiles will be regulated and included in the KUCAS regulated product list under the Product Group VI - Building Materials.


Shipments of ceramic tiles to Kuwait arriving at Kuwait Ports and Borders on or after this date must be accompanied with a TIR (Technical Inspection Report ), necessary for its Kuwait Customs clearance.


PAI has adopted the latest version of the International Standard ISO 13006 for verifying conformity of ceramic tiles. The TER (Technical Evaluation Report) would be issued on the basis of submission of a valid  test report to the requirements of this standard and each shipment of ceramic tiles exported to Kuwait would require to be issued with a TIR after the successful evaluation of the shipment documents, TER and inspection results.


Exporters of these products can contact Intertek for further clarification and understanding of how this affects marketing entry into Kuwait. 


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