Imports of Used Textiles and Footwear are now permitted in Kenya

Kenya Bureau of Standards lifts the ban on importation of Used Textiles and Used Footwear

Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) have recently lifted the ban on importation of Used Textiles and Used Footwear and have issued the following protocol that shall be applied for importation and trade of Used Textiles and Used Footwear products. 

Exporters/Importers involved in the trading of Used Textiles and Used Footwear shall follow the below protocol requirements:


Importers in Kenya


  • Kenyan Importers shall be mandatorily registered with KEBS. The Registration form can be downloaded from the KEBS website.


Exporters in Country of Supply  


  • Inspection of shipments by approved PVoC Service Providers for Used Textiles and Used Footwear at Exporter’s premises, shall include sorting and baling along with the verification of cleaning and fumigation processes. 
  • Verification of fumigation by approved PVoC Service Providers shall be carried out prior to the baling process at the Exporter’s premises. 
  • Essential, Physical and Marking requirements as per applicable Kenyan standards and protocols shall be verified after completion of baling by the PVoC Service Provider’s Inspectors.
  • During inspection, each bale shall be verified if it consists of one category of clothing. For e.g. men’s shirts, men’s jackets etc. The bale shall be of clear transparent and waterproof materials.
  • Self-declaration from the Exporter confirming that the shipment is free from the following prohibited items shall be obtained during the shipment certification service:
    • Used nightwear including pyjamas, nightdresses and nightgowns
    • Hospital wear
    • Used bath towels
    • Used undergarments including women’s briefs, men’s briefs, brassieres, camisoles, socks, stockings and underwear 
  • Ensure that the Shipment is only routed through designated Ports of entry (Kilindini Port and Inland Container Depot Nairobi (ICDN)). 


This requirement has been enforced with immediate effect by KEBS. Intertek is an approved PVoC Service Provider and is here to help you and your organisation to understand and apply this important and latest market access regulation in Kenya.