Ensure compliance with labelling regulations when exporting food into China and Brazil - Webinar

Food manufacturers and distributors doing business in China and Brazil need to familiarise themselves with the relevant ever-changing labelling requirements and take action to ensure compliance.

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In recent years, food safety has become a hot topic in both China and Brazil. As a result of this, food labelling is becoming increasingly heavily regulated within these countries. Complaints and criticisms made by consumers, relevant governmental or non-governmental organisations, such as consumer associations, and the mass media relating to labelling are also becoming more widespread. This on demand webinar focuses on the following to help you ensure compliance with the food labelling requirements for these countries.

Why should you view this food labelling webinar?

  • To gain an understanding of the laws, regulations and standards in China and Brazil applicable to food labels
  • To ensure awareness of the relevant local requirements and practices governing food labelling in China and Brazil
  • To stay up-to-date on the latest legal and practical developments at national and relevant local levels, including the promulgation and implementation of new and amended national and local standards in China and Brazil

You should view this food labelling webinar if:

  • You are a food product manufacturer
  • You are a food product importer
  • You are a food product distributor

Presented by Dorottya Karako, Intertek's Process Leader for the Centre of Excellence dedicated to Food Labelling. Dorottya has worked at Intertek for the past three years, starting out as a food engineer before moving into her current role. Previous to this, she has gained a wealth of experience within the food safety industry.

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