Paper and Board Food Contact Materials Testing

Paper and Board Food Contact Materials testing is required to ensure compliance with the European Food Contact Regulation (EC) no 1935/2004

Paper and Board Food Contact Materials testing is required to ensure compliance with the European Food Contact Regulation (EC) no 1935/2004.

Paper and board Food contact materials, among others, must comply with the requirements of  the European Framework Regulation (EC) no 1935/2004 which states that materials and articles intended to come into contact with food do not pose a health risk to consumers, influence the organoleptic characteristics or alter the composition of the food.

As there is currently no specific measure for paper and board materials in place on the European level, there is a requirement that compliance of these materials should be demonstrated according to the national regulation of the country where the product will be placed on the market. 

In addition to the rules set out in several national regulations the safety of these materials can be proven by following the recommendations as described in guidelines published by industry associations. The safe use of recycled paper (as an example) is not always included in national regulations but guidelines can provide a means of proving compliance by setting safety limits for chemical purity.

The following national regulations, among others, are in place in Europe for paper & board food packaging materials:

  • The Dutch Commodities Act (Packaging and Consumer articles) Regulation, chapter II
  • The French information note 2006-156 of DGCCRF section on paper and cardboard
  • The Italian Ministerial Decree and amendments
  • The BfR recommendations XXXVI on paper and board for food contact

The Industry guideline (CEPI) which has been developed and published by the European paper and board food packaging chain is a voluntary measure and can be used for risk assessment. It can support the industry to secure the safe use  of paper & board materials as it contains additional information on elements which are not present in national regulation to secure the safe use of paper & board materials.

For example it also focuses on the final product testing of recycled paper and board materials and sets out limits for:

Paper and Board Food Contact Materials Experience 

With in-depth knowledge of the industry, regulatory expertise and comprehensive testing programs, our food contact scientists work closely with leading food packaging manufacturers and stakeholders across the supply chain to ensure the product are safe and of high quality, meeting the regulatory requirements of authorities around the world. 

Our paper and cardboard food packaging testing teams provide testing programs  including migration testing for food contact materials with data typically used to demonstrate a manufacturer’s compliance with the regulations. 

Our experts provide complete advisory support from concept to production, across the supply chain and lifecycle of the food contact article 

With a network of laboratories located in Europe, North America and Asia our scientists are equipped with a comprehensive range of analytical techniques for compliance testing, delivering clear and concise results. With Intertek as your partner, you can trust that we will meet your specific needs for paper and board food contact safety requirements.


Food Contact Materials Testing Services

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