Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Contact Services

Our food contact consulting and analytical services ensure that FDA requirements designed for everyday food contact materials are met

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates all components to be used in food contact applications such as various types of plastic or paper materials, as well as additives or colorants to be used in polymers to enhance strength, flexibility, and clarity or appearance, and should be notified according to FDA requirements.

Furthermore, all final articles intended to be in contact with food and raw materials utilized to make these products that are placed on the market should be in compliance with US FDA requirements. Food contact materials are described in the Code of Federal Legislation (CFR) - 21 CFR 174 - 21 CFR 190. 

Intertek regulatory experts, chemists and toxicologists possess extensive knowledge regarding the interpretation of regulations in relation to the intended use of the food contact materials. 

Our FDA food contact expertise includes  

  • General guidance and interpretation of the Food Contact Regulations
  • Consulting services for FDA food contact compliance and global food contact notifications
  • Preparation and submission of US FDA Food Contact Notifications  for new food contact substances
  • Development of migration testing protocols and carrying out this testing in order to support food contact notifications 
  • Preparation and submission of USA FDA No Objection Letter for recycled food contact substances 
  • Liaising with the FDA and other regulatory bodies during the submission process
  • Generally Recognized as Safe - GRAS substances
  • End Use / Final Article Regulatory Compliance testing
  • Certificates of Compliance for End Use Articles
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