EMC Testing

With the largest global network of 23 EMC testing labs, Intertek provides the capacity, proximity and engineering resources to streamline your EMC compliance testing process for any market you want to reach. Download and read our complimentary EMC white papers and learn more about global regulatory requirements, improving testing success rates and getting your products to market faster.

White Paper: Transmitter Compliance for Europe & North America
This white paper provides you with critical information on the increasingly stringent approval processes and regulatory requirements for transmitters.

White Paper: Why 50% of Tests Fail EMC Testing the First Time
A large percentage of electronic products fail to meet their target EMC requirements the first time they are tested. In this article we look at some of the possible reasons for that failure rate, and what designers and manufacturers can do to improve the success rate and therefore time to market.

White Paper: The Insider’s Guide to Faster Safety and EMC Testing
This engineering guide will provide insightful ways to reduce time in your Product Safety and EMC testing process. Whether you’ve been tasked with your first project or you’re an old pro at Compliance, this white paper offers practical ways to improve your time-to-market from some of the world’s foremost Safety and EMC experts.

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