Onsite Electromagnetic Field Testing (EMF)

There is a large market for wireless devices especially with the development of 5G applications in recent years. However, the effect of electromagnetic fields (EMF) is a growing concern.

Recent news has revealed the suspected association between cancer inducement and exposure to the technology due to the proximity of rooftop mobile phone base stations, power stations, train stations, etc. It is speculated that an increase in the use of the latest telecommunication technologies such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6E or Bluetooth 5 could induce cancers to civilians. To alleviate public anxiety about these ever-growing technologies, Intertek Hong Kong delivers the testing service for EMF to different parties.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF):

EMF is produced whenever an electrical or electronic equipment is used, it presents everywhere in our environment. There are three major types of EMF, the first type is time varying magnetic field which generated from high voltage equipment such as power substation, current-carrying conductors, electric motors etc. This type of EMF travels around an AC current source, personnel exposed to such fields are those who are working in vicinity to the source. The second type of EMF is ‘static magnetic field’, which can be generated by a permanent magnet or a DC current-carrying conductor. The third type of EMF is radio frequency radiation produced by radio transmitting devices such as any electronic equipment with fast-changing pulses. For example, Computers, Mobile phones, TVs, or any portable radio transmitters.

Applicable Standards and Guidelines:

Intertek Hong Kong addresses public health concerns by introducing the Radio Frequency (RF) Safety Guidelines into Hong Kong to assist the development of the application of the latest telecommunication technologies such as 5G mobile phones. With the below guidelines and standards, we can compare the results in the decided testing environment with the reference levels for general public exposure to the electric and magnetic fields recommended.
• ICNIRP Guidelines
• WHO Guidelines
• EN 50413
• EN 62311
• EN 50364 (Electronic Article Surveillance, RFID, or related Devices)
• EN 50492 (Base Station)
• EN 62233 (Household Appliances)
• EN 62369-1 (Short Range Devices)
• EN 62493 (Lighting Equipment)
• EN 62479 (Low Power Equipment)
• EU Directive 2013/35/EU

Our Testing Service:

Intertek Hong Kong provides onsite testing service for electromagnetic fields with frequencies up to 60GHz in different applications. Besides, product safety testing services were set up, as per various international standards (ICNIRP, WHO, etc.) and reference reports from authorities (UKAS, OFCOM, etc.), to maximize public trust in product safety. Below are some examples of applications that we may conduct the tests to assess the risks according to the reference limits.

100MHz - 60GHz:
  • 5G Signal (28GHz)
9kHz - 6GHz:
  • 2G/3G/LTE Signal
0 - 30MHz:
  • Wireless Charging (100 - 300kHz)
  • Powerline, Distribution Substation (50Hz)