Intertek Advantas - Advanced Trade Solutions

Enhancing Customs efficiency using e-business technologies

Intertek ADVANTAS™, the Advanced Trade Assessment System brings together a range of new Customs tools and technologies. Intertek ADVANTAS™ can deliver a step change in performance without compromising trade.

Intertek ADVANTAS comprises four key modules:

  • a world-wide Valuation Information Programme which is continually updated and enhanced.
  • a real time Risk Management System that identifies the key risk drivers hidden within mammoth datasets in order to pinpoint non-compliant shipments
  • a range of web-based Direct Trader Input tools which can be linked to existing Customs systems.
  • a secure Electronic Certificate, that can be emailed, printed, and faxed, but which contains exceptionally high levels of encryption to ensure the contents cannot be changed.

All four modules have been developed with connectivity as a central consideration which means that linking with a range of different Customs systems including UNCTAD’s ASYCUDA is unlikely to present a problem.

Intertek ADVANTAS can provide the tools for Customs Administrations to enhance their systems to achieve the following :

  • Collect all appropriate duties and taxes
  • Protect from the importation of substandard products, and other contraband or counterfeit products
  • Facilitate legitimate trade that will encourage investment and economic prosperity
  • Promote uniform and transparent systems for Customs processing
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Need help or have a question?

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