Become an ISI Buyer and Enjoy Exciting Benefits!


Intertek is proud to have developed an innovative program – Import Safety Intelligence (ISI) as the key to smart sourcing for buyers and factories alike through a trusted and convenient platform. ISI launch events were held in Hong Kong and Shanghai in March this year with the enthusiastic support from global renowned buyers and brands who have become our ISI buyers.

How ISI Works

Smart Sourcing through Intelligence
The powerful ISI database consists of verified data of factories presented in the form of structured profiles relating to

  • product quality
  • safety
  • sustainability
  • security
  • social compliance

allowing buyers to benchmark selected factories using the parameters they value.

The verified, structured and living factory profiles provide complete and up-to-date information by incorporating factory input as well as independent third-party verification.

Trust through Verification

A lot of emphasis and resources are put in the verification process of the ISI database. The authenticity of data in the factory profiles is verified against consistency, validity, credibility and accuracy. ISI is a trusted community in which buyers and factories can get the best intelligence out of their limited resources with confidence.

ISI-Verified-LogoVerified by ISI

Become an ISI buyer member now and enjoy all the exciting benefits ISI offers:

Benefits to ISI Buyers

  • New source of quality suppliers
    ISI database contains thousands of factories from which the right factory partners can be chosen by filtering with the parameters you value most.

  • Trust through Verification
    Our Independent verification team will verify information in all factory profiles through a highly systematic and credible process, enabling you to build trust with factories from our “Verified by ISI” mark.

  • Effective risk management
    All factories in our ISI database are trustworthy and genuine. Customized searches with different parameters allow for effective risk management with better-informed choices for the best business match.

  • Significant cost & time saving
    The intelligence you need is readily available through the transparent platform, saving heavy costs and time to evaluate each potential factory partner.

  • Living Profiles Provide Up-to-Date Information
    Factories can maintain their living profiles in real-time and their qualifications are dated and checked from time to time, providing the most up-to-date information you need.

Join Now
Please note that the ISI program is currently open to Intertek customers only. Enrolment fee for the first year is waived. Should you like to obtain further information or join this program, please write to