Number of CPI Members Grows to Over 1,000

We are happy to announce that since the establishment of the Compliance Practitioners Initiative (CPI) in the UK in May 2010, the number of CPI members has grown to over 1,000.

CPI is a world-class vocational qualification program for practitioners in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) industry. Through internationally recognized training and assessment, CPI aims to qualify people by awarding relevant designations to practitioners. Currently, CPI has been offering recognized qualification training programs in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing, Qingdao, Dalian, India, Bangladesh and France; and the qualification program has been marketed in the Americas and Europe. The program allows TIC practitioners worldwide to gain global recognition of their competence and skills.

Thanks to the wide recognition of CPI from the TIC practitioners, the CPI community has been growing quickly. In less than one year, CPI has attracted compliance practitioners from over 40 countries around the world to enroll in the program, and its member number has been growing exponentially. CPI members can have access to the latest industry news and standards through the industry platform; and build a career network with other members, sharing messages, knowledge and best practices. Most importantly, CPI platform allows members to display their knowledge, experience and skills to a large pool of employers, thus increasing their chance for employment and getting better promotion opportunities.

Moreover, governments of some manufacturing countries have shown great support for CPI. Mr. Dilip Barua, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Industries, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, said during the launch event in Bangladesh, “I firmly believe such training programs would be able to create a positive impact on our growing manufacturing sector including the apparel industry. By improving skills and capabilities of our people working in the garment industries, the manufacturing process and the product quality would progress towards the world’s best quality and bring accolades to Bangladesh.”

Individual participant Jun Zheng, who is CPI Top Student of the Season and an experienced auditor from a large manufacturing corporation in China, expressed during the certificate conferring ceremony, “Anyone who is determined to join the TIC industry can enroll in CPI certified training programs. CPI provides us with a very good qualification framework and progression system. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues and friends.”

Practitioners who have obtained CPI recognized qualifications demonstrate outstanding qualities and capabilities, and this in turn helps CPI gain recognition from global brands, retailers and suppliers. They are collaborating with CPI to provide high-quality training to their staff so as to raise their company standard and competiveness, and thereby enhancing corporate sustainability.

Currently, CPI has launched the “CPI Certified CSR Auditor and Lead Auditor Training Program” and “CPI Certified Environmental Auditor Program” in China, as well as the “CPI Certified Quality Engineer – Garment Inspection Program” in India and Bangladesh with great success. We will continue to develop cross-industrial and cross-functional certification programs for the supply chain business, letting more practitioners to earn worldwide recognition of their knowledge and skills. We have every reason to believe that CPI qualifications will become a prerequisite of employment for TIC practitioners; no matter they are working as an internal, second or third-party auditors or inspectors