ISI Kicked Off with Strong Interests from Global Buyers


Import Safety Intelligence (ISI), a solution to global sourcing that enables buyers and factories to do business more efficiently, and with greater confidence, has been launched successfully in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Buyers of global brands and retailers were all very keen to learn about this new platform from which a safe and trusted community is evident. Demo booths were packed with guests looking for information and signing up for the program during the launching events in the two cities.

ISI works by enabling smart sourcing through intelligence. The powerful ISI database consists of verified data of factories presented in the form of structured profiles relating to product quality, safety, sustainability, security and social compliance, allowing buyers to benchmark selected factories using the parameters they value. The verified, structured and living factory profiles provide complete and up-to-date information by incorporating factory input as well as independent third-party verification. It also builds trust through verification. A lot of emphasis and resources are put in the verification process of the ISI database. The authenticity of data in the factory profiles is verified against consistency, validity, credibility and accuracy. ISI is a trusted community in which buyers and factories can get the best intelligence out of their limited resources with confidence. It is expected that the ISI database will grow to around 100,000 records from the current 10,000 records by the end of this year.

Currently, the program is open to Intertek customers only. Enrolment fee will be waived for the first year. Interested parties please write to for more information.