CPI Trainers Continue to Deliver Best-in-Class Training to Industry Professionals

Trainers of the Intertek Knowledge Center China, a CPI approved training provider, have just completed an intensive 10-day Train-the-Trainers Workshop designed for them exclusively by City & Guilds in April. Intertek Knowledge Center located in different countries across the globe has always prided itself on the professional teaching quality it delivers to the participants. In May last year, CPI authorized the Intertek Knowledge Center as the first approved training provider to deliver CPI certified training programs. Since then, CPI, City & Guilds and Intertek Knowledge Center have worked closely to ensure the CPI certified training programs are of the highest standard possible. Trainers undergo regular professional training programs from different qualified bodies which equip them with the essential teaching skills, classroom management skills, as well as industry knowledge to deliver best quality training. They all possess extensive practical experience in related fields and they are good at using real-life examples and case studies in a flexible way to illustrate different concepts and ideas, helping participants to gain knowledge with ease. Training programs are also under constant reviews to make sure they can equip participants with the most up-to-date industry information and essential intelligence on international trends and standards. CPI committee members meet with representatives from approved training providers regularly to devise new programs and syllabuses, ensuring the initiative’s goal to quality people with confidence can be achieved. CPI will continue to deliver best-in-class training for professionals in the testing, inspection and certification industry.