Intertek Launches New Training Service: SMETA Foundation Workshop

Intertek is launching a new training service - SMETA Foundation Workshop, a Sedex-approved course presented by a Sedex Licensed Trainer with English training material developed by the Associate Auditor Group of Sedex. The Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) was developed by the Associate Auditor Group and describes a consistent good practice and approach to audit methodology, assisting members in sharing audit information through the Sedex system with confidence. Upon completion of the training, delegates who passed the test will be awarded a certificate issued by Sedex, which will publish the certificate number and name of the delegate.

As SMETA becomes more widely used, it is essential that the quality of SMETA reports maintains a good practice standard. The course is requested by the Sedex membership, which give auditors foundation knowledge of the materials and guidelines needed to conduct a SMETA.

The purpose of the training is to familiarize participants with the SMETA Best Practice Guidance, Report and CAPR and to inform participants on how the Sedex/SMETA resources can support a SMETA audit. The specific objective of the SMETA Foundation Workshop is to ensure that:

  • auditors are able to give suppliers an overview of Sedex and how the SMETA audit process fits into the overall Sedex membership offer
  • auditors are more aware of the specific requirements of a SMETA audit methodology
  • auditors have a better understanding of how to complete a SMETA audit report and CAPR  
  • auditors are aware of other SMETA / Sedex tools which are of use to both auditors and suppliers

Intertek will host a series of SMETA Foundation Workshops in China this year, the schedule is as below:



Shenzhen, China

Apr 22,2014

Shanghai, China

May 20,2014

Shenzhen, China

Jul 22,2014

Shanghai, China

Aug 19,2014

Shenzhen, China

Oct 21,2014

Shanghai, China

Nov 18,2014

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