Intertek Opens Softlines Testing Lab in Sri Lanka

Intertek first established operations in Sri Lanka in 2000 to provide the Testing and Inspection services to our global customers. Over past 13 years, our Sri Lanka lab has expanded its range of services to include Agri Services, Cargo Services and increased laboratory testing space to meet the demand of business. In continuation of this, Intertek Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd. has established its Softlines testing services as well, to meet the growing testing needs of one of the largest business lines of Intertek globally. vol-126-sri1

Sri Lanka’s apparel export industry is the most significant and dynamic contributor for Sri Lanka’s economy.  The industry has enjoyed epic growth levels over the past four decades and is today Sri Lanka’s primary foreign exchange earner accounting to 40% of the total exports and 52% of industrial products exports, according to the Sri Lanka Export Development Board. The US and the EU, especially United Kingdom, have historically been the largest buyers of Sri Lankan apparel throughout the decades.

Sri Lanka’s significant Textile testing market of more than US$ 5.5 million, along with a growing demand and expectation from many Global buyers and local textile community, make Sri Lanka an idea location for Intertek’s latest Softlines testing lab. The new lab offers a comprehensive softline testing services to the Sri Lanka textiles, apparel and supporting Industries, providing manufacturers a convenient local testing solution, as well as unparalleled knowledge and expertise on global regulations and trends affecting the apparel and garment industry.

To accommodate the Softlines testing lab, Intertek Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd. has been relocated to its newly constructed premises named ‘Intertek House’ located in Battaramulla, Colombo.

To meet the global needs of our US and EU softlines customers, in particular those who are the key players in Sri Lanka textile industry, we have equipped our Softlines lab with the latest physical and analytical testing machineries allowing us to offer almost the full range of physical and ecological tests frequently required by our customers.

For more information on our Softlines capabilities in Sri Lanka, please contact:

Mr. Manish Kumar

Regional Director, Softline Management –South Asia

T : +94 (11) 4714162 /3, 2877300 /1

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