Intertek Hong Kong Hosts EU Safety Assessment Training Workshop in October

The EU compliance requirements outlined in New Toys Safety Directive (2009/48/EC) require that all EU importers and domestic manufacturers have to ensure their products comply with the new safety assessment requirements. To help clarify these new requirements and present strategies for compliance, Intertek is hosting a training workshop with focus on physical, electrical and chemical  safety assessment requirement under New Toys Safety Directive on 30 October, 2013.

The safety assessment workshop will provide training on the methodology of identifying physical and chemical hazards of toys. In the training workshop, Intertek's technical experts will share their experience on conducting the safety assessments under the EU Toy Safety Directive as well as the new requirements of the safety assessment as outlined by the new regulations.

Physical & Electrical Safety Assessment

  • Identification of potential physical and electrical hazards by assessing product construction, product labeling, circuit diagram for electrical toys etc.
  • Determination of age grading
  • Criteria of suggesting applicable safety testing

Chemical Safety Assessment

  • Understanding the Safety Assessment Process and the required documentation
  • Identification of potential chemical hazards by assessing product's BOM/ BOS
  • Understanding substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or repro-toxic (CMR), and  other hazardous chemical substances
  • Assessment of possible exposure routes
  • Determination of risk level

This workshop is specially designed for quality control and quality assurance personnel and product design engineers, who would like to improve their safety knowledge and equip themselves for new market trends. For registration, please complete the on-line application form. Register here 

For more details, please contact Ms. Natalie Kwok at Tel: (852) 2173 8634 or by email to