Intertek Appointed Training Partner in GOALS of WGO

The World Green Organisation (WGO), an independent non-governmental organisation concerned with environmental conservation and environmentally related livelihood and economic affairs, has appointed Intertek Hong Kong as Training Partner of its Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme (GOALS). GOALS is a WGO programme aiming to inspire, educate and motivate companies to make the first step to implement green best practices in their offices and retail chains following the WGO’s guidelines with the support of Green Officers (Trained University Students). 

As Training Partner, Intertek Hong Kong conducted customized training on green office and retail best practices to about 100 university students on 14 June, 2013 in City University. After the training, the university students will become Green Officers to carry out the green audit for GOALS applicants and prepare assessment reports. 

Tommy Cheung, Carbon and Energy Management Solution Team Leader of Intertek Hong Kong, presented the training topics include Energy Reduction in Office Operations, Energy Efficiency of Office Appliances, General Lighting and Global LED Requirements, Reduce/Recycle/Reuse, Green Procurement & Product Carbon Footprint and Sustainability Solutions in Business Market. 

The university students provided positive feedback, which generated interactive discussions on how to reduce energy effectively, how to carry out the green audit and how to help the SME applicants implement their green office best practices that can lead to a green future in Hong Kong. 

For more information regarding the GOALS, please contact:

Ms. Crystal Nip
Tel: 852 2173 8820