Intertek Launches Water Bottle Safety Assessment

Spouts on water bottles bring convenience to users, but may also pose choking hazards, in particular to children. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada have reported incidents on the breaking or cracking of spouts in children's mouths. This raised the public's and industry's attention about  water bottle safety.

The British Soft Drink Association (BSDA), a UK trade association, represents the collective interests of soft drink producers and manufacturers. The objective of BSDA is to act as an agency to influencing government and enhancing industry skills as well as competitiveness. The association developed a Code of Practice of Sport Closures (CoP) to protect consumers against unsafe sport closures.

Intertek developed a water bottle assessment matrix, based on the evaluation criteria listed in the Code of Practice. This covers design evaluation, choking hazard assessment and failure evaluation on spout. The matrix aims to identify the possible hazards that users may be exposed to, as well as the performance on spout during foreseeable use and abuse by consumers.

Leveraging our comprehensive food grade testing services, the new assessment matrix helps ensure your brand's reputation on quality and safety, with minimal additional costs. We are now offering promotional bundle on the application of spout safety assessment with food grade testing.

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