Intertek and Toys R Us Organize Vendor Conference in Southern China

Intertek works closely with Toys"R"Us vendors to ensure safety is built into every piece of merchandise. In Jan. 2013, Intertek organized two vendor conferences in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to enhance vendor understanding of safety requirements outlined in Toys"R"Us global quality assurance manual.

On Jan. 7, 2013, the first vendor conference was held in Intertek Shenzhen with more than 110 vendors in attendance. A representative from the Toys"R"Us Global Quality Assurance team delivered a brief speech on the new direction of quality assurance procedures as well as introduced the team to all participants. Intertek presented the latest on changing regulations in the U.S. market and discussed relevant points from the Toys"R"Us quality assurance manual, while Intertek’s customer service team was on hand to address the questions raised during the conference.

Intertek also organized another full-day vendor conference for more than 130 vendors on Jan. 22, 2013, at Intertek's Hong Kong office after receiving overwhelming interest from vendors in the area. During this conference, Intertek emphasized the sampling procedure of private label items and introduced our Datalink system to the vendors. Both conferences resulted in positive feedback from attendees, and most of the vendors commented that the conferences help in enhancing the communication between Intertek, Toys"R"Us and the vendors.

Leveraging Intertek's expertise in quality assurance, Toys"R"Us vendors can be assured that their products meet not only the high standards set forth by Toys"R"Us, but also safety standards enforced around the globe.