The Rising Star in Apparel Sourcing, and the Future of ‘Made in China’

Tradegood’s latest iBook release provides valuable insights into manufacturing trend

Tradegood, a B2B sourcing community that connects responsible buyers with trusted suppliers, has released an iBook on Apple® iBookstore globally. Titled “Business Chain – World Consumer Drift in 2012 this interactive magazine provides an analysis of global sourcing trends including the growth of apparel production in Bangladesh, the impact of shrinking consumer markets on Asia’s factories, and the future of manufacturing in China.Vol-111-bus-mag

“Through our interaction with more than 20,000 Tradegood community members spanning countries and industries and our DNA in the testing, inspection and certification industry, we are in a unique position to gain insights into sourcing trends, regulations, and their impact on the global market,” said William Quilindo, Chief Operations Officer, Tradegood. “Tradegood’s Business Chain provides reliable and up-to-date information for industry professionals to stay abreast of the latest trends and make informed business choices.”

Half-way through 2012, Tradegood looks at the situation in major consumer markets and where the smart money in manufacturing is for the rest of the year. With a close-up on the United States, China, Eastern and Western Europe, and Asia, Bangladesh and Indonesia are identified as the emerging sourcing markets. The publications also takes a deep-dive into the  effect of rising wages on the competitive edge of Chinese factories, and the domestic manufacturing of toys, furniture and luxury goods.

A quarterly online magazine, Tradegood’s “Business Chain” is available to download for free on 32 Apple® iBookstores including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Australia, for viewing on an iPad.