Vol. 143 - Updated Requirement for Wi-Fi Devices Sold in France

Wi-Fi-enabled equipment, such as TVs, tablets, scanners, is subject to limit values for public human exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by electronic equipment used in telecommunications networks or by radio installations.

On 9 February 2015, National Agency of Frequencies (ANFR) issued the Article 4 of French law n° 2015-136 which is applied to EN 50371 states that:

« Art. 184. – I. – Pour tout équipement terminal radioélectrique et équipement radioélectrique proposé à la vente et pour lequel le fabricant a l’obligation de le faire mesurer, le débit d’absorption spécifique est indiqué de façon lisible, intelligible et en français.
English translation:
Art. 184. – I. – For radio terminal and radio equipment offered for sales, the manufacturer has an obligation to measure the specific absorption rate indicated legibly, intelligibly in French.


« Les notices d’utilisation des équipements terminaux radioélectriques comportent une information claire sur les indications pratiques permettant d’activer ou de désactiver l’accès sans fil à internet
English translation:
The user manual shall contain clear information on practical guidance to enable or disable the wireless internet access.


French Customs has been reviewing user manuals of the products in the market, to determine if there is any caution message for Wi-Fi connected products. It’s important that manufacturers, distributors, buyers include such information in their user manuals.


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