New GS-Mark Regulation for Hair Dryers

According to the minutes of clause 9.3 of the EK1 meeting dated 2014-05-22, a new EK1 decision (EK1 598-14) issued by Zentralstelle der Länder für Sicherheitstechnik (ZLS) on 2014-12-19 that requires a permanent fitting of a warning remark label on the power cord of hair dryers for GS Mark certification according to the product safety law – ProdSG, the size has to be 5cm x 5cm as printout.

Regulation of ZLS  

For a GS Mark certification, the subsequent warning remark (size as shown in the picture below) has to be fitted to the power cord of hair dryers. A GS Mark certification is not allowed if this warning remark does not exist.

 GIS Changes

All dimensions in mm.

It is based on the proposed standard CLC/TC61/DE0627/NP.

This requirement has to be considered as of 2015-01-02 for the GS Mark certification. 

Existing GS Mark certificates for hair dryers with a validity date later than 2015-06-30 have to be adapted to this requirement by that date or they must be cancelled.

Existing certificates need to be updated by June 30, 2015.

Please contact us for your GS Mark certificate update ASAP before the deadline.  

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