Intertek Hong Kong launches Label Express Service for global markets

For both internet and store-based retailers, globalization and expansion into new markets are key strategies for business growth in the apparel and footwear industry.

In 2015, Asia Pacific accounted for 36% of global retail sales in apparel and footwear, and is the largest and most diverse region in terms of supply-chain networks. Emerging markets, like China and India, which are heavily populated and with surging disposable incomes, contributed 90% of the increase in apparel and footwear specialists’ selling space in the world between 2010 and 2015. The market is now more diverse than ever, and this poses a challenge on the regulatory side. 

Given their unfamiliarity with and lack of experience in new markets, companies often struggle with local regulations. Labels, which seem to be a minor detail on the product, are actually very important because any non-compliance can be spotted easily by regulatory authorities and can result in serious losses for companies. The discovery process of developing the right labels can be a long and painstaking one.

In view of this, Intertek Hong Kong is now offering Label Express, a hassle-free total-labeling solution for apparel manufacturers and labeling suppliers. From care-instruction requirements to fiber content, from translations to label design, Intertek’s Label Express gives you the right labels to bring your products to new markets without delay and with absolute peace of mind.

Intertek Hong Kong currently provides its Label Express service for apparel and footwear companies exporting to countries around the globe, and we are an acknowledged expert in the Asia-Pacific market.

To save time and hassle we recommend you try our Label Express service today! Get your labels right in the first place as the first step to business success. For more information, please contact our specialist now:


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