Intertek Expands Benchmarking Services in Hong Kong

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, consumers have access to endless information at their fingertips, and as a result are becoming more educated, which influences their purchasing decisions. For retailers and brands, benchmarking is the key to fulfilling the desire of educated, information-hungry consumers. Benchmarking looks at how a product performs against similar products, which helps brands better understand how consumers view their products in comparison to others on the shelf.

Going beyond standard testing, benchmarking gives you test results that determine which product is the better performing product. Standard testing can help a brand enter the market but will likely underperform compared to other brands. Whether it's a national brand or private brand, a brand that conducts a benchmarking process will be able to determine their products' performance, positioning the brand and product exactly where they want on the market.

Intertek has a proven track record in providing benchmark and comparison testing on a global basis. The company has recently expanded its benchmarking services to Hong Kong, the regional hub for sourcing and product development for Asia Pacific, providing one-stop shop services for retailers and brands. Our wide ranges of benchmarking services include:

  • Evaluation of Product Features
  • Evaluation of Product’s Overall Performance
  • Evaluation of Product’s Durability, Construction and Workmanship
  • Independent Verification of Product Performance Claims
  • Evaluation of Product Packaging and Labeling
  • Evaluation of Product’s Physical Characteristics
  • Review of Owner’s Manual and Operating Instructions
  • Evaluation of Product’s Ease of Use
  • Evaluation of Product Safety Hazards
  • Environmental or Analytical Evaluation

To learn more about our Benchmarking services, please feel free to contact our representatives:

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