Intertek Hong Kong Launches the First Non-destructive Tumbling Method for Down-Fiber Penetration Resistance Test

The application of high-performance textiles is now extending to a wide range of products, such as sportswear, summer and winter wear, mountain wear and protective wear. Leading textile brands have invested a great deal in R&D activities to deliver high-performance products that meet modern trends and the expectations of consumers. As a leader in high performance textile testing, Intertek Hong Kong is well equipped with the most advanced testing equipment and technical know-how that can help retail brands and manufacturers capture fast-changing market opportunities.

Intertek recently became the first third-party testing and certification institution in Hong Kong to launch the Non-destructive Tumbling Method (SLHK-T-TMDB23) for the testing of penetration resistance of full garments. This is the first non-destructive method for full-garment penetration-resistance testing for the passage of feathers and down/polyfil fibers in Hong Kong, and has been approved and certificated by The Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS).

The new test method is applicable to any size of down/feather garment or fiber-stuffed garment. After tumbling, the number of penetration down/feathers/fibers on the surface or lining of the tested garment is counted and a rating given accordingly. Compared to other tumbling methods, this testing process is more similar to real-life situations and no cutting of the garment is required.

Intertek Hong Kong is also currently the only third-party testing and certification institution in the world to provide the Prickle Factor Test for garments/fabrics/yarns. The Prickle Factor Test measures the prickle index and grading of the sample. A higher index and grading represents a stronger prickle factor, which may impact the level of comfort when wearing such items.


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