Intertek Hong Kong helps companies assure product development

Product development is a critical process in manufacturing. A minor design flaw or sourcing substandard raw materials can lead to failure in complying with regulatory requirements. The increasingly stringent physical and chemical requirements on product safety performance in many markets have also placed much greater demands on the technical competency of product designers. How can your company tackle these issues without wasting substantial resources and time?

Product Development

  • Understanding customer needs
  • Idea generation
  • Product concept
  • Prototype development
  • Final design & pilot production
  • Product maintenance & extension
  • Commercialization

Intertek Solutions

With over 100 years of heritage in providing Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification services to the world’s leading brands, retailers and manufacturers, Intertek has extensive experience and expertise in a diverse range of industries and is the ideal choice to provide the necessary skills to your product-development team in designing, reviewing and developing quality products that will comply with regulatory standards and requirements.

From materials sourcing to product design to labelling, our professional input and guidance will add significant value to your manufacturing process. The Intertek solution will also save you the time and cost of redevelopment due to non-compliance with regulatory requirements and ensure your products make it to market without delay.

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