U.S. – CPSC Publishes 16 CFR 1225 Safety Standard for Hand-Held Infant Carriers

Vol. 745 | December 12, 2013

As part of the rulemaking process required by Section 104(b) of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recently published the new rule 16 CFR 1225 Safety Standard for Hand-Held Infant Carriers (https://federalregister.gov/a/2013-29061). The final rule is based on an existing industry standard, ASTM F2050 – 13a, published by ASTM International, with one modification. The definition of a hand-held infant carrier was modified to include semi-rigid sided products to ensure that products with flexible sides, often called Moses baskets, are clearly within the scope of the standard and covered by the federal regulation. The new definition reads:

“a freestanding, rigid- or semi-rigid-sided product intended to carry an occupant whose torso is completely supported by the product to facilitate transportation by a caregiver by means of hand-holds or handles.” 
The ASTM F2050-13a Safety Standard for Hand-Held Infant Carriers was published by ASTM on September 1, 2013. Changes to the standard from the version mentioned in the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ASTM F2050-12) include: 

  • Changes to the handle auto-lock test to specify:
    •  how the CAMI dummy should be placed in the seat
    •  webbing instead of hooks for lifting the carrier during the test
    •  a pneumatic cylinder is to be used to provide the force required in the test
    •  limiting the lift speed range
  • A stricter fall hazard warning to discourage the use of hand-held infant carriers on elevated surfaces.

Products manufactured on or after June 6, 2014, should meet the requirements of the new rule, 16 CFR 1225.

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