Chemicals Auditing Services

In order to facilitate the manufacturers to meet or exceed the compliance level, Intertek provides compliance verification against the local law requirements including to amfori BSCI, SA 8000, and WRAP.

Each audit / verification is carried out with reference to applicable local laws concerning:

  1. Child Labor 
  2. Forced Labor
  3. Coercion and Harassment
  4. Wages and Benefits 
  5. Discrimination
  6. Health and Safety
  7. Working hours
  8. Social Benefits
  9. Other legal requirements

The audit procedure involves:

  1. Factory / Kitchen / Dormitory tour 
  2. Review of records 
  3. Interviews with the workers without the presence of the management.

At the end of the audit, a factual report indicating corrective actions required, if any, is issued to the requester to enable the facilities to be in compliance with the applicable local laws.

Intertek chemical compliance verification adds value to the facility in upgrading the In-house compliance systems.