Anti-plaque and Anti-calculus Oral Care Product Testing

Anti-plaque and anti-calculus laboratory testing for oral care products to evaluate anti-bacterial, anti-plaque, anti-microbial, anti-adhesion or enzyme inhibition agents or crystal growth inhibition agents

In vitro anti-plaque and anti-calculus testing of oral care products can help you to assess your product performance and mitigate risks early in development. Your oral care product formulations such as toothpaste, mouth rinse, mouthwash, gels or floss may incorporate anti-plaque or anti-calculus agents to provide obvious benefits for your consumers, in fact, the majority of dentifrices and also some mouthwashes and flosses now contain one or more active anti-calculus agents to achieve plaque or tartar control. If you are developing a new product or wish to assess an anti-plaque or anti-calculus agent then in vitro approaches allow you to screen these formulations using a simple and effective model that can be used to guide product development and robustly demonstrate that your marketing claims are justified.

Laboratory Anti-plaque or Anti-calculus Activity Evaluation

We provide in vitro assessment and comparative screening of anti-plaque and anti-calculus agent activity using a simple model in which plaque is grown on roughened glass rods seeded with human saliva. Typically, the growth will be built up over four to five days and will involve cycling the rods between product treatment, saliva, and nutrient broth. Anti-plaque benefits can be quantified in terms of dry biofilm weight and/or by measuring Total Viable Counts (TVC) of aerobic bacteria.

Our dedicated team of scientists can design the test according to your specific requirements and incorporate the analyses appropriate to your needs. Anti-calculus tests use a similar model of in vitro plaque growth which also involves periodic exposure to crystal growth inhibitors and plaque mineralising solution. At the end of the test, the residual biofilm is dissolved in acid and tested for calcium content using inductively coupled plasma - optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) which is conducted in a Good Clinical Practice (GCP) compliant laboratory. The effectiveness of different agents can thereby be compared.

For over 20 years our Clinical Research Services group has been a trusted partner for developers and manufacturers of oral care products. Our Total Quality Assurance expertise, brings quality and safety to life by providing a one-source solution for in vitro oral care product studies providing robust data to support the efficacy of novel treatments.

Intertek Clinical Research Services (CRS) has a dedicated in vitro laboratory which conducts testing of all aspects of Oral Care products. We are particularly adept in designing bespoke in vitro models to cater for your specific requirements. Intertek Clinical Research Services is licensed to handle and store human tissue under the Human Tissue Act 2004 and follows the principles outlined within the act as well as complying with local ethical guidelines.
Our team of laboratory scientists have a combined experience of over 30 years of testing oral care products and between them have degrees/PhD/MSc in Dentistry, Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Biological Sciences. They have also contributed to a variety of scientific papers in collaboration with many well-known clients and have presented posters at International scientific conferences.
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