Healthcare Employee Engagement Programs

Engage Your Hospital Staff, Benefit Your Patients

Healthcare leaders recognize the importance and impact of employee engagement programs to:


  • Patient care
  • Financial performance
  • HCAHPS ratings


  • Hospital acquired infections
  • Workplace injuries
  • Penalties and claims

Our custom-tailored Healthcare Employee Engagement Programs are proven to drive positive behavioral and cultural change.


Employee Engagement = Hospital Performance

In healthcare, few things are certain. But the research linking employee performance and engagement to hospital performance and profitability is as conclusive as smoking being bad for you.

  • The Advisory Board reported that every 1% increase in employee engagement correlates to a 0.33% increase in HCAHPS Overall Hospital Rating.1
  • Gallup found the #1 variable correlating to patient deaths is the engagement level of the patient care staff.2
  • The National Health Service (England) research shows that every 10% increase in employee engagement reduces MRSA infections by 0.57 cases per 10,000 bed days.3

Not staff-to-patient ratios. Not nurse-to-patient touches. Its all about employee engagement.

We motivate staff to your key objectives through a strategic, multi-touch communications program delivering consistent, cohesive messages.




Deliver Consistent, Cohesive Employee Engagement Programs

Intertek Catalyst is the world’s largest communications agency focused on employee engagement. Our award-winning creative and strategy teams develop attention-grabbing messaging that breaks through the clutter and connects emotionally with the audience.

We deliver these consistent messages in a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence through a variety of media including program platform, digital modules, videos, digital signage, micro-learning, department huddle guides, posters, social media, and more internal communication channels.

Catalyst can help motivate your staff, patients, and visitors to raise awareness around important objectives like patient care, workplace safety, and emergency preparedness. We have helped clients deliver measurable results, including:

  • 16% improvement in hand hygiene compliance hospital-wide
  • 48% compliance improvement in key, high-risk units
  • 60% reduction in employee injury-related costs
  • 96% employee awareness on workplace safety exposures
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Impact Areas

Our custom employee communications programs drive awareness, engagement, and improvements to critical hospital initiatives, including:

Patient Safety & HAIsWorkplace InjuriesWorkplace Violence
Hand Hygiene ComplianceSlips, Trips, and FallsPatient Assault
Environmental HygieneOverexertion and Bodily ReactionFamily Aggression
Injection SafetyNeedlesticks and Sharp InjuriesActive Shooter
Infection ControlSafe Lifting / Back Injury PreventionDe-escalation
Air EmbolismErgonomics (Repetitive Strain)Emergency Preparedness
Blood IncompatibilitySprains & StrainsVerbal Assaults
Pressure UlcersAirborne & Bloodborne PathogensBullying
Medication SafetyFire SafetySexual Harassment

Improve Patient Safety, Reduce Hospital Acquired Infection

You and your team work hard every day to provide excellent patient care. The fast pace can lead to minor miscues…with major consequences. A simple short cut can lead to a hospital acquired infection (HAI), yet nearly every HAI is preventable. In addition to harming patients, HAIs lead to Hospital-Acquired Condition Penalties from the CMS, and can adversely effect HCAHPS ratings.

Improve patient care with an always-on employee engagement program delivered through a strategic mix of creative communication materials. The highly visual program also serves to comfort and re-assure patients, another path to high HCAHPS star ratings. Contact us to learn more.



Drive Workplace Safety Behaviors

Hospitals should be a place of safety. But OSHA statistics show that hospitals are one of the most hazardous places to work – with more injuries than manufacturing and construction!4 Most injuries are preventable. And most of the time, the employee knew how to prevent it, but grew complacent when doing similar tasks repeatedly.

Intertek Catalyst turns complacency into consistency. We create and deliver highly creative and ever-changing messaging that will get noticed by the staff, effectively reducing workplace injuries and associated costs. Contact us to learn how we can help.




Be Equally Prepared for Workplace Emergencies

Hospital staff are trained to handle life and death situations…for patients. But few employees are equally or adequately trained for workplace emergencies, including active shooter and physical aggression toward staff. Unfortunately, as reported in The New England Journal of Medicine, healthcare workers face more workplace assault than any other profession, other than law enforcement. Nurses and emergency department staff are the most in danger, of which 78% have reported being targets of workplace violence.5

Intertek Catalyst can help you equip your healthcare staff with the skills to recognize potential violence, prevent violence, and safely de-escalate the situation when aggression does occur. Contact us to learn more.




1 The Advisory Board, “Employee Engagement Initiative: Equipping Mid-level Leaders to Drive Frontline Engagement.”

2 Gallup, “Nurse Engagement Key to Reducing Medical Errors: People More Important than Technology”

3 NHS / Lancaster University / University of Sheffield, “Employee Engagement and NHS Performance”

4 OSHA, “Caring for Our Caregivers. How Safe Is Your Hospital for Workers?”

5 The New England Journal of Medicine, “Workplace Violence against Health Care Workers in the United States”


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